Yoga In The Workplace

A holistic and evidence-based approach to workplace wellness.



  • Classes can be held during office hours, lunchtime, or before or after work.
  • Classes range from 15 to 90 minutes and can be held on- or off-site, 1-5 days per week. We are available for sessions of classes (Ex. every Friday morning for 6 weeks) or for individual classes. These can be of great benefit during stressful times such as tax season, during trial prep or during the holiday season.
  • Classes are suited for all body types and no yoga experience is necessary.

Class Add-Ons

Upon request, all classes can be enhanced with music, essential oils, and/or simple massage.

Styles of Yoga

There are various yoga styles to choose from. While all yoga will provide the benefits previously mentioned, each style offers a unique experience and set of benefits. Styles we offer include:

Hatha – This is the most common type of yoga, focusing on holding physical postures, strengthening muscles, stretching and breath awareness.

Vinyasa – This style links poses together with flowing movements and breathwork and is usually practiced with music. Vinyasa can range from slower and more relaxing to upbeat and challenging depending on your preference.

Restorative – Often considered the most relaxing type of yoga, Restorative is best suited for people with injuries or who have a difficult time relaxing. Please note that due to the amount of props required to support Restorative postures, this style can only be taught off-site.

Chair Yoga – Best for groups with injuries, advanced age or limited mobility, chair yoga is accessible to everyone. You don’t even have to leave your desk! Stretch the muscles that are most at-risk for injury and learn how to improve your posture and movement habits to lower your risk of neck and eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain.

How do we get started?

  1. Discuss classes with your employees to determine the best time and frequency of classes, in addition to payment options.
  2. Choose your location (at your workplace or off-site). We can provide options for off-site locations upon request.
  3. Email us to discuss pricing and set up your first class at