Meet Your Teachers


Carina came to yoga in a desperate plea to soothe crippling anxiety and depression. What she found was a beautiful framework for processing, on every level, that paved the way for radical transformation and revealed her true self, and continues to offer invaluable gifts and insights for life. It is the power of this transformation which inspires her to share yoga and meditation with others.

Her classes focus on deep relaxation and listening to the body while incorporating stretching, strength-building and biomechanics. Her goal is for you to leave each class feeling renewed, relaxed and deeply connected to your heart and highest self.


Naomi Tuinstra tried for years to believe people when they told her that yoga could help with her chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis.  She left many yoga classes along the way feeling inadequate and broken, with days of increased symptoms to follow.  While living in Los Angeles, she discovered that yoga is all about finding a practice that works WITH our bodies, not against them. Her yoga classes are created around the uniqueness of each body, and cultivate a sense of acceptance of what is, using breath and meditation to create present-moment awareness. Her goal is to introduce students to a variation of each pose that works for them, often using chairs or the wall as props. All are encouraged to join – regardless of experience, physical fitness, pain level, or diagnosis. She specializes in supporting those dealing with their own addiction or the addiction of others and is a certified Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Space Holder and Leader.  Naomi loves to learn and is a certified educator with many years of experience teaching.  She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and draws from many styles including Iyengar, Hatha, Kundalini, Gentle and Restorative. 


Kitia Dawn began her yoga path over 20 years ago as a college freshman at OSU, where she graduated with a BS in Environmental Engineering.  After spending a decade working in her field, Kitia and her family moved to La Grande in 2009.  The transition into motherhood and moving away from family and everything familiar, was extremely difficult.  Yoga and mindfulness gave Kitia the ability to regulate her emotions and find peace, clarity, joy, confidence, freedom from guilt and insecurity, and so much more.  The practice changed her life.  She now raises two beautiful children and teaches yoga and mindfulness to youth in Union County Schools, at EOU, and in adult community classes.  Her teaching techniques integrate Body-Mind Centering and are rooted in our sacred connection to the earth.  She warmly welcomes students of all ages, levels and body types.  Kitia is Yoga Alliance certified and teachers various styles, including Youth, Hatha, Gentle, Iyengar and Restorative.  .






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